The countdown begins

Well, it's been a long...long time coming!

Richard in the recording studioIn late April I will be releasing my first single 'Nothing Matters Anymore', a song about losing the person your life revolves around.

Apart from mentioning once or twice that I have new releases on the way, I've tried to keep very quiet about it. This has been one of the most difficult things to do as it has been a constantly evolving project, bigger than ever before, with moments of sheer excitement, and others of frustration and delays. But now we are almost there! Well, starting the next chapter I should say.

So keep checking back here for news of the release date, plans for the future, and my thoughts and feelings on the rollercoaster ride it has been so far.

Meanwhile, here are a few snapshots from the studio which include some of the fabulous musicians and engineers who have contributed over the past year, and of course my producer Graham Dee.








 Setup time at EpicGraham in his elementRichard, Freddie and Graham


February 03, 2018 @06:50 pm
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